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Okay, okay. I'll have whatever he's having.


It says they'll send me an e-mail as soon as it's available. Been waiting two weeks so far. Don't know if there's anywhere else I could get it Hosh.
Hey there, Aficionado37, & cheers for the interest.

Here's a few options, depending on how you prefer to read. Granted, shipping costs can potentially be a off-putting.

Print Edition: https://www.hoshomccreesh.com/thirst

Audio Edition: https://www.hoshomccreesh.com/thirst-unabridged-audio

Digital Audio: https://www.hoshomccreesh.com/thirst-unabridged-audio-digital-editions (which will hopefully have more options tomorrow).

eBook: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/1008299

I know Amazon saves everyone money. To compete, (and there are a few folks around here that will testify to this) I try to give out other freebies with orders. Hopefully that helps!
I'll wait a bit more to see what Amazon is up to. The page you linked to says the printed edition is out of stock. If it takes too long (which already happened to me once this quarantine with Septuagenarian Stew which I had to cancel) I'll buy the e-book so don't worry. Thanks a lot for the help.
Sounds good.

Meantime, when I get print editions back in stock, I'll pop over here and let you know. Thanks again!
What a ride! I really took my time to savor this one, specially with all the anticipation I had, but I just finished it a couple hours ago, so I'm shooting my opinion straight from the hip here. First and foremost Hosh, I must say you have one more fan of your work in me. A lot of the poems really hit hard, right from the get-go. They really encapsulate the highs and lows of drinking and everything that comes with it. On a very personal note, during this lockdown I've had a lot of time to... well... drink (although not as much a before I must say, just more frequently, if that makes any sense), but also to reflect on my drinking habits, and of all the things I've learned and unlearned, built and destroyed, and loved and hated as a direct consequence of drinking. This book was just the icing on the cake for me. It put a lot of things into perspective. It also gave me a creative spark to get some things I hadn't thought about putting into a poem off my chest, so I must thank you for that.

In general, I hope the best to you moving forward in your literary career, and I look forward to reading more of your stuff.

Thanks for the good words. I'm glad the book worked, glad it finally made it, and truly appreciate your taking a chance on it and taking the time to review it.

As for drinking: I certainly don't drink the same amounts as I used to. My rule is to drink only for fun, and to do it safely behind closed doors even before the pandemic. These days it's a near frozen shot of tequila I'm drawn most to...maybe the gold ol' gin & tonic. Winter will probably see the single malts' return. The best thing about hardly drinking is I can buy the bottles I want instead of the rubbing alcohol of the past...so that's a plus!

And writing: I wish you (and everyone) the very best in your work. Hope you can make it what you want it to be.

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