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So here it goes, a few Bukowski books and related items for sale.
Shoot me some offers and maybe we can work something out. I'll probably also be posting some items on ebay in the near future. My id is 23percent if you wanna check out some feedback or whatever.

Most of these items are in NRF to Fine shape. Sorry if my book lingo lacks a bit. I can provide pics if needed and further details. Just get in touch. [email protected]

*SURE-Bukowski Newsletter issues 1, 2, 3, 7, 8/9 and 10.

*FACTOTUM - Spain, Editorial Anagrama SA 1989 isbn 84-339-2005-7

*HOLLYWOOD - Turkey, Parantez'de Birinci Baski: Aralik isbn 975-7939-66-8

*PAIVAT KARKAAVAT... (The Days Run Away Like Wild Horses Over The Hills) - Finland, Kustannuskiike Sammakko Turku 1997 isbn 952-5194-00-0

*HOLLYWOOD - Uncorrected Proof, signed, has the BSP review sheet insert thing, clear acetate outer, yellow paper jacket with black print, has a few different isbn #'s related to this one and I'm not totally sure which applies.

*WOMEN - 1st Australian Edition, unopened/still sealed, softcover.

*HOT WATER MUSIC - 1983 1st Hardcover with Paget Press imprint on title page. not signed or #'d but I believe a very rare edition of maybe 20-30 copies??

*AGAINST THE DREAM Essays on... - 1 of 300 1st Hardcover BSP 1994, not signed.

So that's it for now. Feel free to get in touch for more info or to clarify any of my information.
My main trip is the rare and obscure Punk and Hardcore records of the late 70's and early 80's so I know that details and authenticity count. Been buying, trading and selling for over 25 years. If you've got any of that action available let me know. Trades of this nature will definitely be considered.

the story on the newsletters you say?? all are in great shape. 8/9 and 10 have a bit of very light ageing/yellowing in a couple spots on the edges but it's extremely minor. as far as dollars go I'd be cool with 17 bux each in North America.
Hope that helps. if not let me know.
Hey Scott:

The "Women" and "Hot Water Music" are of some interest to me. Really not sure of price, so we'll have to haggle. Lemme know; via IM here or just post it in this thread.
Purple Stickpin - feel free to get in touch with any offers using the email address in the original post. thanks for the interest.

Mullinax - I suppose not too much demand on those Finnish and Turkish titles. The Turkish Hollywood would be relatively inexpensive. The Finnish title will go for a bit more. It's a much nicer printing. Feel free to drop me a line via my email address if you would like to chat more about either one.


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