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Is this your list, or is it someone else? If it's yours, there are some interesting items on it. The first item on the list is the normal signed edition of Pulp, which appears to be way out in left field pricewise, but then, I've been out of the trade for a while If copies of the signed Pulp are really selling for 450 Euros (almost $600) in the Netherlands, I would be happy to part with all of mine, even on a trade which would be pricewise much to your advantage. I really like the Thomas Mann inscription and the Comte de Villiers. Let's make a deal! I also have the special copies of this book.
hi werner - no they're not mine i just posted them in case any members might be interested.
It is an interesting list. I was pleased to see Thomas Ligotti mixed in with all the literary heavy-hitters. He's usually relegated to the horror ghetto.

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