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I'm offloading some not-inexpensive things on eBay if anyone is feeling spendy.

2 By Bukowski - 1967 - SIGNED 53/96

Hot Water Music - 1983 - ORIGINAL PAINTING, SIGNED 84/100

LP - 1968 - "Poetry - Charles Bukowski, Steven Richmond" - rare
90 Minutes In Hell double LP, gatefold - 1977

I usually start auctions at $0.01, but I don't particularly want to prove a point with any of these. I don't need to sell, so I'm good with waiting or failing.
FYI: I will sell outside of eBay, but I'm going to hold to those listed opening bid prices, for the books anyway. They're not bargains (I've sold enough things at bargain prices to know), but I think they're fair. This is all good stuff, and it won't break my heart to keep the books.

But I might be convinced to bend a bit on the records...don't tell the people watching them on eBay.

Oh, that's you watching them? Ah, well.
I for one, am glad that you are not starting at $.01. As much as I'd love to walk away with a sweet deal, I like you to much to want you to sell this too low. They are still deals, so either someone will pay a fair price or you will keep it for a little longer.
I sold the book/painting and 90 Minutes in Hell, but that Bukowski/Richmond LP is still waiting for you, as well as the first Black Sparrow Bukowski book (one of less than 100 copies).

Kind of surprised those two things linger, being as they are the two rarest things I listed. The Bukowski/Richmond LP is especially rare. If you're into being one of only about 10 (or fewer) people to own a thing...

Don't tell anyone, but I'll take less than the asking price for the LP. First $299 takes it.

Not ever coming down on the book price though. That baby is too sweet, you dig? I think it's undervalued as it is, being the first BSP book and all. Pre-2008 crash I could swear I saw a couple copies go for $2k, or thereabouts.

The Bukowski/Richmond LP is gone. I'll be interested to see how much another copy goes for in the PBA auction this summer. I listed it forever in multiple places and it was difficult to unload for what I paid for it.
2 By Bukowski is still available, and I cut the opening bid down by $100 (to $999).

If it goes unsold again I'm going to start an experiment I wanted to try in the past, and that is raising the price every time I relist it. ;) Every week it will go up $100. Until it gets to $20,000 and someone with a lot of money and no access to Google buys it.
I'm going to start an experiment... raising the price every time I relist it. ;) Every week it will go up $100. Until it gets to $20,000 and someone with a lot of money and no access to Google buys it.
Knowing the human nature, that's the best strategy you can apply.
It's up to $1599. I changed it to a 5 day auction, so I'm tacking on $100 every 5 days.

But in all fairness, I am offering free shipping now. :)
Well, if I take the clamshell out of the auction then it's not worth $1599, is it. You trying to sabotage me?
You want that signature page rubber cemented to a nice piece of cardstock? Because that's like four bucks extra...
I added Buy It Now and free overnight shipping to 2 Poems, so if anyone is feeling spontaneous and compulsive you can have it really fast. Makes a perfect Labor Day gift.

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