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Hello everyone,

My name is Stefan. I've been a registred user of this site for quite a while but until now I haven't contributed with anything on the forum, but I thought I'd give it a shot and translate a couple of my poems from Swedish to English and hope there might be somebody out there who will find them interesting...So, here are two of them :

* * *
(sorry, no poems. Ed.)
In 1969 a doctor in New York brought a group of patients out of prolonged comas. Recently another long time member of Bukowski.net decided to come back. Is this a pattern?
Welcome to the forum and you may be able to get away with a poem if it reads like you are telling us how you found out about Bukowski. You could tell us a little about yourself too.
Back in the olden days (2006) the members here did share their poetry, but us fucking new guys changed all of that. You can call it part of the change Obama speaks of.
Oh, and welcome to the forum. I like Abba and Rednex.
Just received my very first postcard ever from Swerige.
Picture on front: Bilder från Rogens Naturreservat.
Very similar to the German language.
The stamp seems cheap, only 12 kr.

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