A forum torn mad with posts. Long time lurker here finally getting in on buk fun (1 Viewer)

I have been reading this site for about two or three years now. Finally given in to temptation and i've "j'ined" up so I can share my opinions (poor as they are compared to you Bukcypedias) As for Bukowski i've had a love affair with the mans work since I was about 18, i'm 25 now and still trying to get my hands on anything the man has touched.

I just wanted to get that out of the way i'm bad at intros... howzaboutabeer? :D
Hey Cassady, welcome. Is that a photo of you? or is that you in 20 years? or is driving a truck just that hard on a man?
You know what to expect here and you know which of us are sarcastic all the time. I can hardly wait to hear your opinions. Oregon is a beautiful place.

Here is a more known picture.

Heh, heh, heh. Thanks guys. Yeah Neal Cassady is my muse along with Bukowski. Kerouac is great in small doses, interspersed with the special kool aid. I'd rather have a few cheap beers and read Bukowski thought. Love to hear from the oregonians the only contact I've had with Bukowski fans here is through the public library... and that's mostly guys writing mash notes to potential females Bukowski fans in the books. The others are those that mark Bukwoski for their college reasearch... hey don't mark fine literarture like that, it would kill Bukowski. Almost as bad as stealing the book.
Interesting. Thanks. Didn't know there was still the 60's revolutionary small time art thing going around in these cynical times.

I missed a couple of things in this thread it seems. Nope i'm not a trucker Gerard, just a lay about. Hi Vodka, didn't know there where any other hardcore Buk fans in Oregon mostly I just see hippies (do the hippies still "dig" Buk?) and rednecks in between the beautiful scenery. Planahea thank you that is a beautiful button, would love to put it on my dirty wino trenchcoat.

And a hello to everyone else who greeted me. Now if I can only find the time to greet others and get into the Buk spirit (think I just contradicted myself there)

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