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Well if you're everywhere, you're kind of nowhere, aren't you.

It's like the old design adage about text on a page: If everything is bold, nothing is bold.
well...guys,I'm really sorry,I typed English first but I don't know how it was become Chinese itself...maybe because I'm in China
what did you say? I can't get it,sorry?

I mean I really love Bukowski?

Well, I do. And Bukowski did. And I know that Hank Solo and Jocelyne are great at it. Zobraks and Johannes just showed how savvy they are at it. And even the late Father Luke had a fondness for it from what I hear.
So speak for yourself.
Wow!you can read Chinese? That's really cool!? I speak Chinese and live in China ,If you're interested in China or Chinese,I'm willing to talk to you, just message me?

Welcome, or 欢迎
haha,Thank u,or谢谢?

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