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Hello everyone!

I read this forum since a while but I decided to register only now because of a question I can't find any answer to.

One of my favorite Bukowski's poems is "A happening". I'm Italian, and in one of the versions from the publisher "Minimum fax" at a certain point it says "È la tigre nel sole". The book gives the English version in the front page and it litterally translates "he's the tiger in the sun".

Now, looking for other versions I found out that in other publications it says "he's the cat from the sun", and I remember reading somewhere that there was another version saying "he's the cat from the moon".

I also checked multiple times in your amazing archive and it presents the versions as different from others, but I could only find the one with "he's the cat from the sun".

Do you know anything about which one is the original one? Or maybe can you help me with more material? It's pretty important for me and I checked everywhere on Google but couldn't find a hint.

Thanks for your answers in advance!

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