A Happy Bukowski at DeLongpre Just After Meeting Barry Miles' Secretary

He was always happy to meet a woman, wasn't he. ;)

A little context for the picture: he was still at the post office, and would be for almost another year. His first "big" book from Black Sparrow (At Terror Street and Agony Way) was out, but he was still almost a year away from Martin offering him a quarter of his own income to become a full time writer. So he was still "small time," but he must have felt the rise (no pun intended, Pat) and known he was on the cusp of making a move from small time to, well, medium time anyway.

I think someone got a little mixed up with the address written on the back of the picture though. In 1969 he was at 5124 DeLongpre. 5125 1/2 would have been on the other side of the street.
Nice to see a photo we've never seen. I don't remember any others showing the front door to one of his DeLongpre apartments. Then again, I don't remember a lot of stuff.
There are some pictures of the front of the DeLongpre apartment out there, but I don't think I've ever seen that rickety Adirondack chair before. Made me think it wasn't his place for a second. Seems out of character. Someone must have given it to him. ;)
It's always great to something new of Buk. His front entrance was so bleak. It's nice to see he had some shrubs out back. I wonder if that was a comfortable spot where he drank a lot of beer. He does look happy and he looks like he still has his health and vitality.
Some of the Zapple recordings were eventually released on a double CD by 'King Mob' as 'At Terror Street and Agony Way'. And then some of the same recordings appear on the Black Sparrow Bukowski Reads His Poetry CD.

Barry Miles said:
Unfortunately, before I even had time to edit the tapes, the Zapple label was closed by the Beatles' new business manager Allen Klein and the poetry recordings were left unedited and unreleased. ... it was not until 1993 that At Terror Street and Agony Way finally reached the stores as a double CD on the King Mob label.
I know that half the recordings were originally lost, because when Miles handed over the recording equipment to Buk, he didn't inform him that only one side of the tapes could be used for the recording. Buk tried to record on both sides.

I wonder if that CD is still available for purchase?

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