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a hard case (1 Viewer)

unhappily selling black sparrow Post Office #10 of 50. original owner. provenance up the ass. $10k.
i'm a nice fellow, but i don't have patience for a lot of bullshit, so...
" for real, it's one of the those? " YES.
" $10k? is it in incredible condition? " YES.
" okay, what's the painting? where's the book now? got photos? tell me more..." YES. got the dough?
He replies to me via email:
happy to provide anything & everything, but don't enjoy being pestered by penniless, petulant, pansies. price to you is $12K.
A regular charmer (and a real savvy seller).
how does your copy put the one from the PBA auction to shame? that was regarded as one of the best copies of post office ever to see auction, so i'm interested to hear your description, since apparently anyone who doesn't have a $10,000 bill hanging out of their zipper isn't allowed to see pictures.

and, i have to ask, why is it that you'd think that a forum of bukowski fans is the best place to find someone with a spare $10,000 sitting around to spend on your book, rather than auction houses, book dealers, or other outlets to find well-heeled collectors? maybe you don't actually want to sell it, but this your way of making yourself feel superior by dangling the most dazzling copy of post office the world has ever known above our penniless, petulant, pansy heads?
i wanted to add: i had always heard that the best extant copy of post office was in nick lawrence's collection. does yours put that one to shame too?

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