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Turn the sound off (White Stripes- urgh) and enjoy watching this hairy Romanian make coasters.

I enjoyed it with a cup of coffee and a brioche, but you don't need to be as continental as me.

Parts of the site are in Romanian, but I like the pictures and, let's face it, no one reads anymore anyway.
That press is a Vandercook SP20. I have a Vandercook SP15. My press is a bit smaller and I do not have automatic inking. I have to crank a handle to make the rollers spin, but otherwise that is my press. The plastic that is using to print the first color of the coasters is photopolymer, which I use most of the time.
Until I get some money, I'm working the ridiculously small 5x3 Adana. There are two Vandercook Universal III's in the studio I use, but sadly they won't let me use them for free. I use 16g magnesium plates, as the company I now use don't make polymer plates. They're pretty reasonable. I should be inside packaging up books to you (Bill), Rekrab and Johnny X, but my flat is about 200 degrees and the dog wants to sit in the garden and eat cat shit.
Mr. Lally -- I didn't realize you are BedsitBukaroo. Nothing better than a dog that eats shit. Makes it all real.
It's when some animal freak grabs him and let's him lick their face and "give them a kiss". I should tell them, "he's been eating shit", but I just let them get on with it. Yeah, it's me David. It's a moniker I adopted when I was living in a shitty Bedsit living the dream. Onebedappartmentbukaroo doesn't have quite the same ring about it.

Mjp- can I change my username to pig ear press? Or am I trapped with this name?

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