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I'm Koya. I'm a few things; I'm a Photographer mainly (that's what my college claims anyway), a musician and a writer (to some extent). I take photographs of things on slide film, i play mostly crap jazz and i write mostly short stories which are the draft upon draft for longer pieces i hope to write soon.

I stumbled across this site for a few reasons. I'll explain- but please bear with me:

- I started reading Bukowski last year because i was bored and picked up a cheap book. This is how i usually start reading authors. I was pretty damn impressed.

-I read "Post Office" (i was working in a credit card factory at the time and god...it did help), "Factotum" (Ditto) and after running out of money from that job, i didnt read another one of his till a few weeks ago ("Women" which i found good etc!).

- Then came an essay title- a study on "The Everyday Life" according to various authors. (including Baudrillard, Comte, Joyce etc. but namely Ben Highmore).
however i've decided to write this essay (3,000 words or so) linking Bukowskis writings to Albert Camus' "Myth Of Sisyphus". If one is unsure of Camus "Sisyphus" you should check it out (a very difficult piece).

I dont want anyone to help me write an essay. I know what im going to write. But id love to hear some opinions: Bukowski basically writes about the mundane, "everyday life". He uses repetition a lot- something which echoes 'Sisyphus'- does anyone think the two link up? Camus' 'Sisyphus' and Bukowskis general writings.

Anyway.......Aplogies if i've annoyed anyone!

(and also hi to all)

Welcome Koya V. I cannot help since I found Camus hard for me to adjust to. I plan to pick the book up again. (I'm not even sure what title)
Bukowski is very easy to read, as you know.

There are members here who are literate enough to help you as you will see shortly. God love them all.
Welcome, Koya!

I found Bukowski through his poetry first. I found him very easy to read and very engaging as well. I was surprised to find out that he writes very much like I do: about the mundane. Things that are all around us that we take for granted. At least until they are put into a context that hypnotizes us.

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