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Right away I see three things:

The Book Case: I'd just like to be able to look at it.
I think especially the Binders up on top . . .

The Wood floors. . . ahhhh

The Computer Chair with the wooden back looks comfortable

. . . then I see everything else:

The roominess - a sense of spaciousness
The plants . . .

Thanks for the peek, dude.
We also have cats, turtles and fish. I wanted to get an ass, they're very useful to bring the groceries back home, but my partner says I'm nuts.

A most noble animal, the ass.
Nope. Is that the one shot by Clouzot? Or maybe it was some other French director?

Sorry, I see it was directed by Bresson. I might get the Criterion edition:

Cirerita from another thread:

I have those ones as well. I think they're called slipper warmers or something like that. The idea is to keep your feet warm when it's really cold. They're useful if you're sitting down for a long time, believe me. Mine are USB, that is, you plug them into the USB port of your computer to get some extra warmth.

There are also glove warmers for your hands. If your wife keeps the heating too low, these warmers can save your life

can't see them on the pic...
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love dogs. this is mine, Joe.

also have 2 cats, Henry Chinaski (he's 10) and Roy Hobbs (he's 7).

we have a rotating goldfish. bought/dies/rebought.
They have Happy Dog ears. :)

Young lady, you get 25 bonus points for knowing that. The corgi would let you pet him. He does not let me come up to him unless I have a leash-for a walk- or a treat in my hand, otherwise he's friendly to very few.

That kind of ass is noble. ;)

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