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If u don't know the poetry u don't know Bukowski
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Yesterday this poem popped up on my MPJ3-player during shuffle mode.
It struck me that Buk predated Dylans's song Everything is Broken (1989) by almost 20 years here. Wonder if Bob ever read it.

Searching the database I find "a need for glue" was only printed once in Pulse nr 4 1971. Does anyone have that publication? I would really like to see it in print... The two other poems in that issue have never been published again either...

Have a listen here.
There's certainly some similarities between the two texts, but hardly enough to draw any conclusions. It's interesting none the less.
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Thanks Eric,

that was fun at first sight,
then it got freaky as I let it in. ;)

Both poems have definite similarities.
True enough - its actually an ok video

Buk uses an "uncommon" word in the first line: "echelon". In his early period he was still trying to be "literary".

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