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CHARLES BUKOWSKI: La scrittura che esplode dal basso: l’America e il suo ubriacone

In this volume, the author investigates the close relationship between autobiography and narrative that has characterized the work of Charles Bukowski, an American writer known to most for his dissolute life, made up of alcohol and rags. Amoruso has tried to highlight his human sensitivity, inventiveness and attachment to writing, traveling through the cracks of a literatized life, often characterized by obscene narratives, with protagonists maniacs, drunkards, rapists and hardened trials; and try, nevertheless, to remove him from the cage of a stereotyped image in which, probably, he himself let himself be locked up. A writing in which prose and poetry, as Walt Whitman has already understood, are not irreconcilable but, on the contrary, they become two modes of storytelling in which there is no border: the moon influence and vice versa.

Francesco Amoruso was born in Villaricca (NA) in 1988. He holds a three-year degree in Modern Letters and a master's degree in Modern Philology. Cultore della materia, at the chair of modern and contemporary Italian literature, he published the novel Il ciclo della vita (2010), the collection of short stories Eating the liver by Bukowski in Posillipo (La Bottega delle Parole, 2017) and the essays How I Met Your mother. The narration at the time of the TV series (Terebinto Edizioni, 2019). He curates the anthology Stanze (Libreria Dante & Descartes 2020), with the contribution of the Department of Humanities, the first collection of unpublished short stories from the laboratory "Between the Pages and the Melody", coordinated by him in the seminar "Writings in transit . Between Literature and Cinema "at the University of Naples" Federico II ". Singer-songwriter, he made the album Il Gallo Canterino (illimitarte, 2014).

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