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I see you smiling in your grave,
Picking insect and flakes of dry flesh from your teeth,
You were one beautiful darlin'
But I gotta say "I no longer wanna kiss you babe".
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Picking insect and flakes of dry flesh from your teeth

Now that sounds like something said after a ride on a motorcycle. A real biker would kiss her.

Welcome to the forum. We don't have too many insects but there are plenty of animals here.
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We are all animals my friend, just the majority of humanity has forgotten that. I came across this place by chance really. My buddy was asking me what I was reading, and at the time it was a Bukowski book of poetry, he asked me about the animal, and I searched for answers, and thus I arrived at the gates of heaven...


Lose the quotation marks in the last line. They are unnecessary.
A comma after say would do it.

I hope you don't mind the observation.

And GKH Love... great quote! (The hooves of the horses...)

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