a poem for incoming Holocaust? (1 Viewer)

I thought about most moving Bukowski poem - but since this morning the exhaust from the burning oil off the Gulf of Mexico is reaching 40 miles inland, being pushed by the strong south winds, burning eyes and throats - and that's only the beginning. Can't help it but to think about " As the oily fish spit out their oily prey, spit-out their oily prey..." Dinasauria we - how appropriate. From beginning to the end.
Can you believe this shit ? And strictly speaking, it's not an oil spill, it's a fucking puncture wound in the ocean floor that no one can cauterize.

Dinosauria, We is a good call there, Bill.
Welcome to Southern California in 1970. The smog use to burn our eyes. I know Bill is just north of Biloxi Mississippi so the burn off must be torture.
...and the Mississippi politicians are continuing to downplay the hazards, as they found the giant blob (10 mile wide) floating off the coast. Nothing ever changes in state of Mississippi.

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