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how often do you get to drop
two big names in the same breath?

with sean penn in the spotlight
for his brilliant performance in
dead man walking, and for the
subsequent notoriously effete
hatchet-job some little rex-reed-wannabe
tried to do on him in rolling stone,
i have innumerable opportunities to interject,

"i met sean penn once, at bukowski's funeral:
he seemed like a nice guy."

(c)1996 Gerald Locklin
because i am known to admire
the works of charles bukowski
and known to have enjoyed
over twenty years of correspondence
with him,

one-half of the literary world
considers me an asshole

while the other half concludes
i must be one hell of a guy.

how very interesting.

(from: 'how very interesting' in: 'Bukowski - a sure bet')

you're welcome, friends!

the only good poet

One retreat after another without peace.
"His poetry collections include The Firebird Poems, The Life Force Poems, and, most recently, New Orleans, Chicago, and Points Elsewhere and The Cezanne/Pissarro Poems."

but they make no mention of the chapbook, the ristorante godot, which is as current as those cited (no?). it is published by some outfit that goes by the name Bottle of Smoke Press, or some such. i don't know.

(bill. i take paypal)
... but they make no mention of the chapbook, the ristorante godot, which is as current as those cited (no?). it is published by some outfit that goes by the name Bottle of Smoke Press, or some such. i don't know.

that's right.
and 'godot' is a nice one.

"trust me: you can't appreciate the feat
of longevity of henry charles bukowski
until you arrive at 63 yourself and wonder
how he made it ten years more."


"His poetry collections

Damn them! I published three chapbooks by Gerry. All three are out of print and sold out. Those are "More Takes On Bill Evans", which is a very short chapbook (this was my third release?) and The Dorset Poems (which was 40 pages) & The Ristorante Godot.

Still, I think that the article was listing the perfect bounds and they are still available, while all of my Locklin titles are sold out.

News from Gerry


I have 3 poems and my photo as the cover feature of the just-out 5 AM magazine, edited by Ed Ochester and Judith Vollmer, Issue #27, Summer 2008.

5 AM is a print magazine (an excellent one) but further information (contributors, subscribing and submitting) may be found at www.5ampoetry.com

Single copies are $5.00 each from 5 AM, Box 205, Spring Church, PA 15686.

Issn: 1046-9826


Black Swan

Abord the Yorikke!
Just bought

Go West, Young Toad
by Gerald Locklin
from Water Row:)

the harry chinaski chair of religious verse

"you know," he says, "I enjoy your class
and I even like a few of your poems, but
since being introduced by your reading list
to Bukowski, I have the feeling that I would

profit even more from having him for a
creative writing instructor and, you know,
from drinking with him and getting to
know him personally,"

"well," i tell him, "I'm afraid your
chances of ever having Bukowski for
a creative writing teacher are really
pretty remote," and what I don't say
is,"but I'm sure if Bukowski knew

the pleasure he was missing in not
dealing with students like yourself
on a daily basis, he'd be spraying job
applications all over the academic world."


Usually wrong.
He's also one of the funniest conversationalists on earth. And don't even try to play trivia with him. He will always win. Good luck to Gerry in retirement.
the guys one of the best. damn he is good. he's like a strange combo of bukowski and garrison keillor. nah, he is more original than that. all i;m saying is that reading him makes me laugh and feel all cozy and toasty inside.
Gerry Locklin - Not retiring at all !


Gerry Locklin is on FACEBOOK now.

and on youtube:
was shot and posted by the Best Man at Gerry's son Zach's wedding a few years ago. His dancing partner was the Best Man's girlfriend.

latest publication:

Modest Aspirations - Poems by Gerald Locklin & Stories by Beth Wilson

and an interview.
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