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Greetings to all. I'm hoping that someone can provide me with a definitive answer to this question: what was the date of Bukowski's final contribution to the L.A. Free Press? I've done a fair amount of searching online and also in the printed literature, but as I don't need to tell any of YOU, the literature is quite vast, and more than a little daunting to someone who is relatively new to Bukowskiworld. An ancillary question would be: where (if anywhere) can a researcher get access to a complete run of the Freep from 1969 until its demise? Many thanks in advance for any assistance.
The last Notes I found in the Freep is from August 20-26/76, a couple poems ("coke blues" and "a touch of steel").

A good university might have the"underground press collection" on microfilm. That includes much of Open City, NOLA and the LA Freep.
Thanks, Digney & bospress. I should have specified that my "complete run" question was in reference to finding a set of paper copies. I know that UCLA has both the Freep by itself and the Underground Newspaper Collection, on microfilm -- but honestly, even if I didn't *hate* microfilm, I can't afford to spend the time doing that search right now (not to mention the exorbitant UCLA parking fees and the eyestrain potential from hours scrolling thru microfilm, which as I may have mentioned, I *hate*). And no doubt the Bukowski papers at the Huntington would be helpful, but (a) I don't believe they're fully catalogued yet, and (b) what I'm trying to do doesn't really justify the whole Huntington-research-project rigmarole. The August 1976 date is a helpful indicator, though; thanks for that. Maybe I should come at my question from a slightly different angle: does anybody know how many "Clarence Sweetmeat" cartoon strips were published in the Freep? I have two in my own collection: October 3-9/1975 and October 24-30/1975. Was there ever a compilation of these published anywhere?
Thanks, d gray. I realized as soon as I saw your post that I had looked at that thread, a while ago, but have now looked again. The upshot seems to be that there were four, and only four, of these (6/27/75, 9/19/75, 10/3/75, 10/24/75)? I saw one reference to a "mysterious unpublished Sweetmeat story," but no indication (unless I missed something; I kind of re-read it quickly this morning) that there were any earlier or later examples.
There is at least one unpublished, that I've seen. But there could be more filed away somewhere, waiting until we're all dead to see the light of day.

Personally, I'd rather see an unpublished poem (any unpublished poem) than another of these cartoons. I don't necessarily think cartooning was in Bukowski's wheelhouse, as the kids say. But there is a funny moment in most of them.

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