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So I am currently making my way through Jon Savage's 752 page, 2 pound monster The England's Dreaming Tapes, and both Glen Matlock and John Lydon say about Steve Jones, "he was a bit of a tea leaf."

I assume that's a dig, but what the hell does it mean - a tea leaf?
how's the book?

I'm slogging through this one at the moment. massive and exhaustive and has lots of sloppy mistakes. but there's good stuff in there, also.
how's the book?
It's pretty good. It's just interview transcripts, so it's interesting to get everyone's take on things. If you find the person interesting, it's great, if you don't (I don't give a shit about Jordan who worked at Let It Rock in 1975), it can drag. But most of the interviews so far (I'm "only" 200 or so pages in) are with people who I want to hear from, so it's good.
ah, I missed the 'tapes' part in the title. I assumed it was this one:

Yeah, I read a few pages of that somewhere years ago and put it right back on the shelf. It didn't strike me as being very enjoyable. I felt like someone was giving me a lecture about "the punk rock."

Maybe I shoulder jus tea leafed the fuckin fing.
On a related note, I read it quite a while ago (getting on for 20 years ago, which is a scary thought) but I enjoyed Glen Matlock's book I was a Teenage Sex Pistol.

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