A real thing, a good woman - Outsider #1, 1961 (1 Viewer)


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Collected in Come On In.

There are quite a few changes. Missing lines in the original or missing lines in the reprinted version. Just take a look and compare them.


Wow! thanks, A.
And wow that nobody has responded :)

I'm doing some research on "Poet in a Ruined Landscape", published in Outsider #3 and also published by Malcolm Rutherford?

Nice bonus to find this poem.
The last four issues are $200 on Abe (2, 3, 4, 5). A better deal than just buying no. 5 for $87.14 - $125. The four issues are in a much better condition too...
I'd say Jane Baker Cooney. she died in 1962? I think? the poem was published in 1961.

EDIT: just checked the timeline. Jane did die in '62. Buk didn't meet francEyE until '63.

so the poem's about Jane. most likely.

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