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A really good-quality Buk photo (1 Viewer)

Hey everyone!

I've been looking for AGES for a really good quality Buk photo for my wall. Not a poster or postcard but a high-quality print. The Sam Cherry stuff looks amazing -- love the pic of him sitting down, turned towards the camera with a half-smile -- but I think it's all sold. Can anyone help? I want to hang it over my drinks cabinet...



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This one?


What makes you think all the Cherry photos are sold? I think they wanted $800 a pop for the individual prints, and some ridiculous five-figure sum for a special ultra deluxe gold millenium edition clam sauce box set containing 10 or 11 prints.

If you're willing to lay out that kind of dough, I'm quite sure they could rustle up a print for you. They are pretty awe-inspiringly large and awesome, no doubt about that. But $800 is a lot of clam sauce. That price may have even gone up since Mr. Cherry died recently.
Hey, yes that's the picture. Awesome, isn't it?

I'm sorry to hear about Sam. Anyways, I've emailed the gallery to see if they have any info on the pictures. I wonder if they do discounts for the impoverished.


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Galleries around the country are scrambling for any pennies they can find, so they may be open to negotiation. But bear in mind that Track 16 is in one of the priciest spots in Los Angeles and they sell to a lot of smooth android people who are completely oblivious to any kind of messy "recession," and who still have big pocketfuls of disposable dough.

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Hi GingerDave,

I noticed that you are looking for a good picture of Buk.
I have painted in colour two fairly large pictures from two famous black and white photos. They are oil paintings. One is of Buk and Georgia Peckham in front of a fridge, the other one is of Buk and Tina Darby, the later to become the cover of buk scene 1 https://bukowskiforum.com/showthread.php?t=5299
I had some very nice quality posters of the paintings printed for the Bukowski symposium in Germany https://bukowskiforum.com/showthread.php?t=5746
You can catch a glimpse in the thread "My testimony" by Black Swan.

The other one is on the public profile of Ponder https://bukowskiforum.com/member.php?u=831 but without the strip on the right that covers part of the painting.
The one of Charles Bukowski and Georgia Peckham printed on high quality photographic paper measures 24" x 36 " (61 cm x 91cm.)
The second one is approximately 24" by 30".

The images are very crisp and all details show up very clearly. The true colors are also more vivid that what you see in the thread. They display very well.
I have only printed four of each so far. They would also be signed if needed.
The price will be $35.00 US plus shipping.

I am in Holland at the moment and could possibly take better pictures of the posters themselves, the oils being at home in Canada.

My testimony: https://bukowskiforum.com/showthread.php?t=3234&highlight=my+testimony

Picture: https://bukowskiforum.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=566&d=1202536519

Another picture: https://bukowskiforum.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=560&d=1201416678

The poster is tubed, not folded.
You can PM or email me at [email protected] or [email protected]

best, Jocelyne Desforges


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HI GD...did you get the photo? I got a couple signed and unsigned.. PM me email and I'll email you pics. Cheers Joe

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