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They may change the starting price, but at this point, it is a starting bid of $1000. No takers of course, fo rthis CD that can be bought for $20 at many, many places on the internet, including ebay.

The funny thing is that they had to pay a bunch of money in listing fees to list this. When they change it to a starting bid of $20, they do not get their extra money back. That is another change that ebay made a while back to screw their sellers. You can change a listing and if you raise the starting price, the listing fee goes up, but the price can never go down. They probably paid $20 just to list this and will, of course, never sell it.

Hey, he needs the $56.20 for shipping. I mean he is only getting $1000 for this extremely rare (only 30,000 copies printed last month) and it is worth two or three times that amount, right?

Jesus H. Christ.
Someone put this guy out of his misery, he obviously isn't living in the same planet as most of us.
Now it says $12! Did it really start at $1000? For The Bukowski Tapes? He must have added a couple of zero's too much...:D
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Yep, it was $1000 starting bid. Apparently he also wanted $56 to mail it to Canada (that would cost him about $5...)

Certainly not a con artist, just someone that is typing too fast and not paying any attention.

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That's hilarious! I wonder what went through his head. He certainly did'nt check out the facts...:)
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that was like the guy with the later printing paperback of burning in water that wanted over $1000 for it... he called it an "investment piece".

and somewhat off the topic of bukowski, but on the topic of ridiculous rare claims, i just saw an auction for some outdoor stickers that said, "these are the most difficult stickers in the outdoor industry to acquire". the funny thing is, he picked them up at a trade show that 40,000 people just attended. they're actually probably the easiest stickers to acquire. oh well, that's ebay for you.

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