A typewriter renaissance (1 Viewer)

When you press the play button, it says: "Embedding disabled by request" but if you click "Watch on YouTube" it goes to the video. I bet most of you already knew that, but it was new to me.
Speaking of typewriters, springtime is coming around the corner and that means YARD SALES and my objective this year is to find a nice working manual typewriter. I had an electric one but gave it away because it just wasn't the same. I imagine buying a typewriter on Ebay can get pretty spendy though because it seems like typewriters are the kind of things hipsters would drive the prices up on.
I have two typers at the moment: a 1960s electric inherited from my wife's parents, and a 1940s? manual I bought at a yard sale for a dollar or two. I would be tempted if I ran into another good buy like that at a yard sale.

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