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I drove out to Slidell La, about 30 miles east of New Orleans to visit Loujon Press co-founder Gypsy Lou Webb. Lou is 96 years old but still in pretty good health. During my visit Lou signed my Noel Rockmore etching which was used as the cover for the Loujon Press, Bukowski book: Crucifix in a Deathhand. (see photo) The second photo shows Lou reading part of a short story titled "How to get Published" that appears in the book 'Hot Water Music" The story is about the Webbs visit to LA to interview Bukowski before deciding to publish his work, very funny. My next visit with Lou is next month when i hope to get a Video interview.

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Glad to see that she is alive and well. The last letter I received from her was last April right after she had fallen, and was in the hospital, and things didn't seem so bright. Thanks for sharing.
thanks for sharing...i've been meaning to get down there and see her myself...i've been corresponding with her through the mail, and she's seems like a great lady...
Hello SaabGuy!

I have some fun news ~ Gyspy Lou Webb is my Great Aunt on my Mother's side.

She was in-between homes last time my mother was in touch with her.
I'd love to have her current address.

Jeff -- you have a cool great aunt. Have you seen the film about the Webbs that came out a few years ago? It's on DVD. The filmmaker followed her around New Orleans, shooting as she talked with old friends and visited various sites. It's well done. I forget the name of the film (it's in my closet somewhere). Nice photos, saabguy -- thanks.
It's called, "The Outsiders Of New Orleans: Loujon Press".

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This is fantastic good news. For about the last 6 months I have been thinking about her a lot. I wondered if she was alive. I wondered where she might be living. I'm amazed that she is well at the age of 96! I hope I DO NOT live until I am 96! I'm glad to see there is a DVD. I'll get around to buying that after I get a job or rob a bank, whichever is comes first.

Remember how Buk used to talk about someone writing a book about the Webbs? Well I hope someone does one day. I guess this DVD goes a long way in telling their tale. I'll be sure to get it.

It just goes to show how slow my brain can be.....just a few weeks ago I realized Loujon is not a some kind of french word. It is Lou and Jon added together! Dah.
My arms are tired from holding my old fashioned computer monitor up in the air sideways while trying to read this letter. Can one of the smart people make this letter go up and down so likes I can read it easier? I appreciate your efforts in this regard whomever this may be. (Did I use whomever correctly?)

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