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Hello everyone,

I'm Dave, and I've been a huge Bukowski fan for years now. I first got into him by the suggestion of a friend. The suggestion came at the exact time in my life when I was just getting into poetry, and needed some names to look into. So I went to my local bookstore, and found "The Last Night of the Earth" poems, which has remained one of my favorite poetry collections (of Bukowski or otherwise).

As well as reading his collections, I also used the internet to find his poetry. Stumbling upon "How is Your Heart?" which ends with the line, "What matters most is how well you walk through the fire." This line has since been a great source of inspiration for me, especially during the time I discovered it. I've since had it incorporated into a tattoo design (image located here).

Other than that, I also write my own poetry (which can be viewed at thedavidhooker.com/), and am I fan of philosophy, Buddhism and eccentric things.

I consider myself a weary forum traveler due to the fact that I never really post much, I enjoy reading other people's posts and will contribute if I feel necessary. Otherwise, I'm pretty quiet, and will check in and out every now and then. I also used the same screen name for every forum I go on, so feel free to look me up whenever. If I've been there, this'll be my name.

With that, I bid you all a fine day.
Welcome aboard, Hooker! "The Last Night Of The Earth Poems", is one of Bukowski's late great poetry collections. It's also a favorite of mine.
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