Abel Debritto in Parenthesis 19 (1 Viewer)


I was visiting my friends at Lead Graffiti in Newark, DE when they showed me the newest issue of Parenthesis, which is a magazine of the Fine Press Book Assn.

There was an article by Abel about Bukowski and Black Sparrow.


Very cool. I will try to pick up a copy this weekend at Oak Knoll Fest. They will have a table. As I understand it, the magazine is not for sale and is only available to members. I will join and try to talk them out of issue 19 at the same time...


p.s. In the same issue, they have a story on Gloria Stuart, who just died at 100 years old. She was an actress from the 40's and the lady that played the old lady in Titanic. She had her own small press and printed nice little hand bound letterpress books.
The mag is only available to members, so it would cost about $50 to get it. It is a very nice magazine (and nice group). The cover is beautifully printed letterpress...


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