about long line and short line

I have looked for the poem and can't find it. I remember that he is speaking about if too many
people are lined up for something, it probably isn't that good.
I don't know what poem that was, but here's something similar from The Charles Bukowski Tapes:
It's because the masses are always wrong. You see a line of 1000, a line of 800, a line of 50, a line of 12, a line of 2...If you just see an open place waiting for nobody's gonna go there. Go right there, and that's going to be it. Wisdom... is doing everything the crowd does not do. All you do is reverse the totality of their learning and you have the heaven they're looking for.
It's a basic wisdom. Wherever the crowd goes, run in the other direction. They're always wrong. Through centuries they're wrong and they will always be wrong.
I'm pretty sure this is in writing. I was looking for it too. I've never seen "the Tapes " or whatever, only read several books. Its either in Factotum, Post Office, Ham on Rye, or Women.

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