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In light of my new discovery of the atrocious and disgusting job or whatever they have done with Bukowski's posthumous work, I would like to ask about this particular book. How much has it been messed with, if at all? Was this one (mostly) salvaged? And about the manuscript, do they, the publishers, still have it (most likely but I don't doubt if they, I don't know, destroyed or lost some of his stuff. Maybe it's silly to ask.) and what do you think are the chances of being re-published with proper editing if indeed it was another one of those wrecked works?
to my knowledge the diary-entries, later published in that book, have been an order by a magazine, that published them during his lifetime.
so these would be the reliable source. i guess we have details somewhere here on the site. that's what i can contribute from the top of my head.
They were originally in issues of On The Bus.
You’d have to do a side by side to gauge the differences, but more likely than not they were fucked with, especially as it’s a posthumous collection.

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