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Absence of the logic... Really? (1 Viewer)

All of their books are priced at $100. Most are the same books that you could buy in any Borders for $10 or less. The also sell text books, which are even higher.

I'm not sure what their business model is. i know that ebay started offering free listings for fixed prices, so it looks like this fool just uploaded their inventory (10,000 items) and instead of taking the time to figure out the value, just said "fuck it!" and put $100 on them. I guess that if they are not paying fees, it does not hurt anyone. Ebay will quickly realize that this is just an awful business model. Once they don't have to pay listing fees, expect ebay to become completely junked up with all kinds of spammers.

Have a look through their listings, it is fascinating. Of course, I can only see that they sold one text book for $120. In the old world, that would not even come close to paying the listing fees on over 10,000 listings.

Mark my words. Ebay will stop this program because of people like this...


EDIT. It seems that only about 1000 of their 10,000 books are over $100. Many are $1 - $5. Maybe this is a mistake, but letting people bulk upload their inventory makes a mistake like this possible.

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