Abyss - Vol. 3 No. 1 - Spring 1971 Three Uncollected ? Bukowski Poems (1 Viewer)

Abyss Vol. 3 No. 1 -
3 uncollected Buk poems mistakenly attributed to Eurama 70 which never published Bukowski.
As you can see from my photos, the front cover was a reproduction of a " Chinese year of the iron dog" calendar by R. O. T. ( Richard O. Tyler) copyrighted in 1970 by Uranian Press who published Eurama ( see inside front cover) and who had an advertisement for Eurama ( underground Literary Review) on the inside front cover soliciting $$$ to keep their publication afloat. According to Richard O Tyler's bio, Eurama changed its name in the 70s to reflect Tyler's interest in Tibetan codes and other mystical stuff. But during no time did Eurama ( Uranian Press) ever published Bukowski. It published mostly esoteric articles and reviews.
I believe the three poems in Abyss were never collected but --in my opinion-- were worthy of book publication and I enjoyed reading each one. It's amazing that these poems ended up in this issue of Abyss
because most of the other poems in this issue were experimental concrete poems.
Credit to the editors Gerard Dombrowski and Dick Higgins.







Thanks for the publication clarification.

Unfortunately, NOBODY WANTS TO HEAR YOUR TROUBLES was collected as "nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen" in What Matters Most.

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