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hello people,

nice to meet you.

i'd like help locating a certain poem, but i don't remember the title or any exact lines. where is best to post that? or is there somewhere i can search in some way?

Post it here. We have one member, that seems to know every poem. Plus, there are others that know, many, many poems and can tell you where to find them. c'mon... Give them a challenge! They would probably need some lines or it would be tough....



It is what it is
Hi Susan

Write down some sentiment you remember from it or the gist of it and I will find it.
thanks, all.

ok, it might not be that hard. if i remember right (IF) it's fairly short, like it fits on one page and is in one of his posthumous books, or at least a later one.

the gist of it is some guy sees him in the street and says your writing saved my life blah blah and buk ends it saying something like, but i can't read my own stuff, what can i do to save my life.

it's bugging me so i hope you come up with it. susan


It is what it is
Well, there are a few like that, but try these;
1. about the mail - page 188 of Sifting through the Madness...
2. they are after me - page 265 of The Flash of Lightening...
3. form letter - page 36 of Come on in!
4. the secret of my endurance - page 270 of Dangling in the tournefourtia.

None of have the sentiment "but who is going to save my ass" exactly... and, like you, I seem to remember him writing almost those exact words.


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One retreat after another without peace.
there's a one page poem in BETTING ON THE MUSE entitled MET A MAN ON THE STREET which ends,

"but I only write that stuff
I can't read
it." (p155)

not his best on the subject, and as buk on a bike says, he's written a few like that. "but who is going to save my ass" rings a bell with me, too.
i probably have! (but what book is it in?) as you all said, he's got a lot of similar ones, and i rarely remember titles since they often don't "go with" the poem.

btw, i never said "save my ass"! but anyway you are amazing coming up with all those suggestions. i'll check them out.


It is what it is
Sorry, yes "save my life" is what you said and we all Bukowski'd it up didn't we.
'The Blackbirds' appears in The Roominghouse Madrigals, Run With The Hunted and Poems Written Before....yada yada yada... :)

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