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It seems that Buk's wikipedia article contains no references to his audio releases. Can that really be? Maybe I'm just not seeing it where it is, but even so, I want to add them. For me, the audio recordings trumps the written works any day of the week.
But I'm having a hard time figuring out the recording dates and the release dates. Is there any complete discography out there, except discogs - which is, as always, full of errors.

Come on, fanatics, this is your chance ;)

I've put up these. Any help with recording dates (first and foremost) and release dates second would be greatly appreciated.
  • 70 Minutes in Hell (1969) home recording
  • King of Poets (1970)
  • Poems and Insults (1973)
  • 90 Minutes In Hell (1977)
  • Hello, It's Good to Be Back! (1978)
  • Bukowski Reads His Poetry (1980)
  • Neither Bought for Gold, Nor to the Devil Sold
  • Uncensored: From the Run With the Hunted Session
  • At Terror Street and Agony Way
  • Hostage
  • Underwater Poetry Festival


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The answer was right under your nose -- I don't think we need a site redesign:

Video, audio, film and other media

Bukowski recordings

As you'll see on the thread, this was a collaborative effort by a lot of great folks. It's basically what this site is all about.
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Also you can click on the "Timeline" link at the top. There's a readings/audio column.


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Isn't a discography ordered by release date, regardless of when the recording was made?

If you're determined to add an accurate list of recordings to wikipedia, this should be your source (though your inquiry here makes me believe we probably also need a page that orders by release date, so maybe that will be added).

As Pogue Mahone pointed out, it's the result of research from a lot of people - spread across several threads here in the forum - and it's an accurate and complete (?) list.

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