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I'm currently reading 'Innocent when you dream-Tom Waits the collected interviews', although obviously aware B was an influence on TW's early music I was quite pleasantly surpised to find 60 pages in a B poem which was felt to describe TW. It's, 'One for the shoeshine man', I love this poem but I was curious...who else has adopted Bukowski to describe themselves/other people?
Sorry, I am a bit hungover and not at all clear headed... Are you saying "One For The Shoeshine Man" was written about Tom Waits?

I think BsB is say that 60 pages into a book he was reading (written by Buk) he came upon a poem that he felt described Waits (!?)
And/or that maybe, somewhere along the line, he remembered a line from a Tom Waits song that also reminds him of 'One for the shoshine man'?

I am close?
ok i think i didn't make that question very clear, so i'll try again.

I'm reading a collection of interviews with Tom Waits (its very good) and about 60 pages in the author has included a B poem because he thought it is a good description of TW during his early career.

Now I sit here at my desk staring blankly around waiting for the coffee to kick in and I really can't be bothered to restate the question as it wasn't a very good one to begin with.

Last night I watched the running man, its set in the future '2007', funnily enough its bang on with its depiction of surveilance cameras, reality tv and a resurgence of bad 80's haircuts and clothes...and a crowd of doting Californians chanting Arrnies name (ok this bit may not be entirely correct).

Oh ok the original question was essentially asking what other thieving magpies have adopted a Bukowski poem to describe either a) themselves or, b) someone they're writing about?

See not a very good question but I hope its cleared things up, anyway I'm off to the canteen to steal buns from the one eyed soup lady.
there's a note above the reprint of ONE FOR THE SHOESHINE MAN:

waits frequently mentions bukowski as among his favourite writers. this piece captures the early waitsian world as well as any bukowski poem that's been published.
There is indeed,mmm, this may have made things a bit clearer I suppose!:rolleyes:

many thanks goodpoet.

I'm actually listening to 'Rain Dogs' whilst writing this, and I'm also eating a cheese and onion sandwich. So there you go:)
Are you going to count the poets/imitators who blatantly ripped him off? Not to include the German from "Shakespeare" because I have no opinion on him but he was definitely 'influenced' by Buk.

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