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Originally published in EXISTARIA (Hermosa Beach, Calif.) no. 7 (September-October 1957), p. 4.

I don't know whether the poem "1975" has been reprinted or not.

The man has never bored me, even when he was young in his career. And he was so amazingly free of clichés. He didn't want to repeat what had come before, and instead wanted to advance modern poetry. While he has his detractors, he advanced the truly modern poem, beyond any kind of official poetry movement, and took it soaring above, with its stolid earthiness, the artificial contrivances of the overly sensitive, overly wrought poems so customary at the time. He seems to know exactly what he wanted to do from the beginning, and maybe that entailed knowing the poetry of the others gone before that he thought weak, ineffectual, or just plain wrong. "”Poptop.
...and people get annoyed/surprised when Bukowski is referred to as an American surrealist?
Some of his early poems and (less) of his later poems owe a great deal to Rimbaud and Lorca.
And I love him for it!

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