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Hi All,
If you are interested, I just released Bottle #4. It took 6 months of planning and 2 months of typesetting lead type and handfeeding papers into my Chandler & Price press. Here are the details.

21 Broadsides all letterpress printed on a handfed antique Chandler & Price press.

Poets are:
David Barker
Charles Bukowski
Alan Catlin
Christopher Cunningham
Soheyl Dahi
David Mark Dannov
Eric Dejaeger
S.A. Griffin
Christopher Harter
John Kay
Arthur Winfield Knight
Richard Krech (Artwork by Briana Miller)
Tom Kryss
Marie Lascu
Ann Menebroker
Owen Roberts
Kent Taylor
Mark Terrill
A.D. Winans
Jeffrey Weinberg

All poems are previously unpublished and are strictly limited to the copies in this set. No broadsides will be made available for individual sale.

The Bukowski poem was originally published in 1964 in Epos magazine. This is it's first separate publication. It is an official release and not a bootleg. Also, there are many, many other fine poets in this issue.

Please visit to buy a copy.

Thanks and all best,
I'll tell you what. I'll offer free Priority shipping to anyone that orders and mentions the forum. I would have no problem doing more than that, but that would be a bit unfair to my other customers that just paid full boat for it. At least this way, I'm still selling it for the same price, but you would save $4.05 in shipping and I can sleep at night.

what about us "foreigners"? could you offer us free shipping -not priority, of course, just the cheapest one available?
"Foreigners"! Yes, you bet. I always love knowing that my books are all over the world. I'll send them airmail. You got it.

No problem at all. The signed edition is autographed by 20 of the 21 contributors each on their own broadside. It is signed by all but Buk...

All best,

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