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totally off topic, but maybe useful to those cats, who (like me) shave not more than once (maybe twice) a week and not always with a sharp razor-blade:

This morning, when I wanted to shave, I realized, that I JUST went out of shaving cream (usually it shows signs to fade away before but not this time, so I was unprepared).

I didn't need the shave That bad, but didn't want a spray-can to tell me, when to shave and when not, so I didn't give in and used the liquid soap, I usually use for my hands and face, in hope it would work. And indeed! It went so SMOOTH like no regular 'shaving cream' ever was!

So, next time you're running out of shaving cream, give it a try: Your liquid-soap (if you have any) may do the job even better!
I shave every two weeks or so. And get a haircut once a year. I've never used liquid soap. I mean for shaving. I have used liquid soap for other things before. I'm not some sort of animal.
I dry shave with those disposable things. I do it every two or three days. Saw an asian guy going it once out in public and thought, "that'd work". Only problem is the stubble tends to mess up around the bathroom sink. But no one but me is around to complain so every week or so I "try" (don't try) to clean up.
There's a woman - Siobhan Fletcher - sporting a little moustache/goatee combo for this Movember thing. Brave when you consider she's spent her life trying to hide the stubble. The liquid soap tip might be for her. There again, this fundraiser could be the catalyst...

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