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Hello All, can you guys give me some advice on how to go about selling some books? I've got signed editions, and one with original drawings, and one called "Horsemeat" with real photographs in it. I live in Nova Scotia and there is no real good place around here to sell these. They were originally purchased at Gotham Book Mart in New York. Any advice you can pass along would be much appreciated. [email protected]
I will echo what cirerita said. This is possibly the worst time in many years to be selling the high-end items. Unless you can find a private buyer somewhere looking for what you've got, I would recommend waiting a while before selling, see how things shake out.
Did everyone get a good look at that book with the painting? I can tell by the board cloth that it's a copy of MAYBE TOMORROW one of only 20 hardbound with a painting. And check out that signature! Yikes!

I don't care how depressed the market is, that title is exceedingly rare and is worth a lot of money. Does anyone disagree, i.e., do you think this soft market would affect (effect?) even the more esoteric and rare titles or are they exempt? Naturally, as is always the case, the true $$$ value of ANY book is what you can get someone else to pay for it at the time you want/need to sell it. That's the rub.
True enough. Scott from Abandoned Planet got $2k+ for a letter to the Webbs in the last few days, but two poem manuscripts went unsold. Hard to say these days, but the exceptionally rare stuff will always sell.
curious what others think his copy of MAYBE TOMORROW is worth, the signature isn't something I've seen before, plus the painting, etc... Pretty nice ITEM!
Is it the edition that Fogel has listed at $750, back in 1999?
Thats going to be quite a bit higher today ...

I'd have no idea how to predict such a thing

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