After 30 years on Louisiana death row, inmate exonerated of murder (1 Viewer)

One of the links on that site was to this. It was big, big news in my hometown.

Michael Morton was in prison for over 20 years because a dickhead of a prosecutor withheld evidence just to win a case. The kicker is that people knew about this and tried to get the district attorney to reexamine the evidence for SIX YEARS before the powers-that-be finally decided to do it. Only then was Morton released. After his release both sides in the next political campaign put up signs saying "remember michael morton!" The entire affair was a carnival of human lowness.
It's hard to keep expectations under control, but do we honestly expect a different outcome from a perverted justice system? Privatized prisons.
My co-worker's brother was just released after serving 21 years for a murder he did not commit. It turned out that the detective on the case had an entire neighborhood bulldozed and terrified over the course of his career, and when he retired, people came out of the woodwork, recanting testimony in scores of old cases.

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