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Gerard K H Love

Appreciate your friends
I watched this movie the other night. I had a very tough 10 and a half hour day and planned to only watch 30 or 40 min. I got hooked. I couldn't stop watching and I needed to go to sleep. I don't think a movie captured my interest like that ever before. It's mostly in Danish with subtitles but very entertaining.
It reminds me of the numerous lively discussions I've had with some of my friends about Danish cinema and especially the Dogma95 project ! There are the pros, there are the cons and I'm setting in the middle, thinking this country is able of the best (Lars Von Trier) as well as of the worst (Lars Von Trier).
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That movie got some recognition! Some of those "Dogma" movies are quite good...

Btw, the "Von" in Lars Von Trier was just made up for fun by Trier long ago, but now it's become his "official" name...;)
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His next film, Antichrist, will compete at the Cannes film Festival and then release in june. It is presented as an horror movie and the two main characters are played by Charlotte Gainsbourg and Willem Dafoe. I'm curious about it. It will be a good occasion to argue with my friends !

The trailer :
Yeah, I like William Defoe but he wasn't in the movie After the Wedding, probably because he doesn't speak Danish. That movie you mention does not look like a feel good movie at all.;)

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