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Hello folks,
Great forum, really in-depth and fascinating stuff.
I first stumbled upon Bukowski's work around ten years ago while studying Psychology at uni. I was in my final year and was taking an optional module in organizational psyche. I had this great tutor, an old Irish guy who really challenged his students and criticized psychology itself from the Foucaultian perspective as just another 'Technology of the self' - another method of social control.
On his reading list was, Kurt Vonnegut's 'Slaughterhouse 5', Howard Jacobson's 'Coming from Behind' - a famous satire on the British higher education system - and something called 'Post Office'.
I felt after reading this stuff that someone had opened a window and allowed a great hurricane of fresh air to enter my life again. I'd come full circle.
University was just another of my 'escapades' into 'normal life', my misguided attempts at searching for a place to belong.
Of all the writers I'd read since my teenage years, Buk appeared the most intelligent, honest and sincere. When he talked of all those souless dead end jobs, the absurdity of the Protestant work ethic, love, betrayal, and most of all, the terrible loneliness of going against the grain - of being an outsider - I felt for the first time that at least someone 'got me'.
My own life bob's and weaves its way on this rollercoaster ride of short forays into the world of work, painting, writing and trying to stay sane, and finding an authentic and honest way of practical survival and being true to myself as much as humanely possible.

Best wishes

Welcome aboard, Dogbreath! Your name reminds me of a Zappa tune called, "Dog Breath"...
Your name reminds me of a Zappa tune called, "Dog Breath"...

Here's the tune, just for you DOGBREATH:

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Thanks for the nice welcome.:)
The name 'DOGBREATH' I heard years ago in the school yard, and it always seemed to symbolize to me a creature that was unloved but also feared in a way as being outside the pack or the herd.
We are all animals, and it seems to me that we all create social and personal hierarchies according to the degree of animal-like behaviour ourselves and others do or do not manifest.
The poor are always depicted as dirty, scavenging, aggressive, primitive - in other words 'animals'.
The rich are supposedly civilized, sterile, intelligent and cultured - they have become more human, or really just repressed and hidden the animal aspect in themselves in a sophisticated way.

This dog tend to stalk between the two camps, scavenging the best stuff from the dustbins of both worlds but belonging to none.

Thanks for the vid Bukfan, nice touch.;)
Welcome Dogbreath. this place has a lot of great stuff. Enjoy

The corgi has some bad dog breath.

You know they use to make some stuff called "Happy Breath" for our canine friends, of course i haven't needed that in years. It is amazing how my cat can lick his butt and his breath still smells like... old bindings.:D

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