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Ok So I'm sitting in the backyard smoking bbq ribs watching the smoke swirl out the end-so it looks lke a train-enjoying the night-I say to my significant "chuga chuga chuga woo woo-it looks just like a locomotive"
and at that exact moment not 1 second later from the Ipod set on shuffle comes Ozzy screaming All aboard! Randy and that Crazy Train song begin.

Anyone else ever have one of those moments when coincidence doesn't seem quite explanation enough?
Sting just called and told me to tell you it's synchronicity not irony.
Anyone else ever have one of those moments when coincidence doesn't seem quite explanation enough?

From time to time you experience some weird coincidences. In 2002 I came home from Amsterdam with a Bart Simpson ceramic cookie jar. Bart sits on the lid chewing one of those typical cookies you often see him eat in the Simpson's episodes. I had also bought some of the same cookies in Amsterdam. So, about an hour after I came home, I was sitting on my couch eating on of those cookies while I was admiring my new cookie jar, when I decided to turn on the TV. And what popped up on the screen? Not only a Simpson's episode but a scene where Bart was eating one of those cookies! You could have knocked me down with a feather.
Here I was, watching Bart eat the the same kinda cookie I was eating, and with the Bart cookie jar in front of me. I mean, what are the odds for turning on the TV and having a Simpson's scene where Bart is eating a cookie pop up, while you're eating the same kinda cookie yourself? I simply had a fit of laughter! :D
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I notice you said the cookies came from Amsterdam... hmmm ;)

The only co-incidence that ever made this agnostic* really stop and take notice occurred on April 1, 1984. I was playing a gig at a bar when a friend informed me that Marvin Gaye had been shot and killed by his father. We decided to get shit-faced afterward with some friends at my place and listen to a mix-tape cassette of Gaye's music I had compiled from various albums.

We get to my place, crack open the beer, pour the shots, and hit PLAY on the cassette deck.....and nothing. I tried FF/REW, flipping the cassette over to play, winding/rewinding by hand - everything to get that fucker to play and it just wouldn't. We tossed it aside and said "How fitting that the tape gave out the same day he did." So, we got wasted, cried in our beer, etc..

Well, the next day I was cleaning up and saw the cassette laying on the coffee table and just gave it one more try for the hell of it. And it played just fine. No flutter, or wobble or anything. That tape actually lasted for about 1 or 2 more years before it finally crapped out for real.

So, to this very day, my friends and I still laugh about The 24-Hour Mourning Period that the cassette tape insisted we observe on that occasion.

(agnostic = an atheist who loves splitting hairs)

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