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"So fuck Doubleday Doran"
Ah, thanks. I missed that one. Probably the mods are able to keep the link alive. Somehow.
H & C need 65 lifetimes to remove the Buk t-shirts, mugs and whatever from ebay.
And hello to poemhunter.
Probably the mods are able to keep the link alive. Somehow.
Anyone can keep an image alive by attaching it rather than linking to it. Linked images almost always disappear, which makes for some bald old threads.

(Having said that, I'm linking to this one (from the CDN) because it's a large file, so using the CDN makes it load faster.)

Either way, if you link to some random site, you can expect that link to die someday.
That's one title even JM would have sense enough to leave alone.
There is a similar passage (at least I think's it's a passage) with a Do Your Work theme, I like it better, but can't remember if it's from a letter or a poem, I'm sure everyone will have seen it, can't think where it's from though or the title to search?
Thanks Ponder, but it wasn't what I was thinking of, I'll stumble across it again somewhere.
It's like; You've ran out of butter when you've just made toast - Do Your Work!
Your trapped in the lift with the world's most boring person - Do Your Work!
Can't find a matching pair of socks? - Do Your Work!

That sort of thing, I'm joking but I do love it, someone else must know where it comes from, hopefully.

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