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I am pleased to announce this book of poems and drawings by Alexander Adams. He is Joseph K on this forum.

The book measures about 6" x 5.5". 16pp. 3 short poems and three drawings. The cover is printed letterpress in two colors (taking three impressions, or "strikes") on Canson Mi-Teintes paper.

The paperback edition is sewn and is $3 plus postage. The signed hardcover is $15 plus postage.

The hardcovers have already started to sell based on word of mouth and folks that saw the link on the "order" part of my website.

Paperbacks will ship on Wednesday. Hardcovers will ship in late June.

visit to place an order.


Order sent for hardcover. Sadly admit I'm not familiar with Adams poetry but respect Bill's choices in who he deals with. It has just occurred to me that I probably should lump the likes of BoS and CP with THC as gateway drugs. Don't fuck up my addiction Adams. :wb:
We aim to please! Hope it meets your expectations. You couldn't be familiar with my poems as none have ever been published. So, you are going to own a genuine first edition of a first collection.
I figure that if you don't like the poems you might like the drawings and if you don't like the drawings you might like the poems and if you don't like either you can fondle the binding and admire Bill's consumate craftsmanship....
I do hope to see more from you, Mr. Adams. When Bill sells out of this I have a feeling some might regret not getting this when they had a chance. Right place right time I am.

By the by...this little book is gorgeous. Loved the printing, loved the artwork, and loved the poems! Get one, if you've been broke or on the fence about it. I'm glad I did!

Jezus...I just saw some of his paintings... Wow! Ol' Joseph K is another fine albeit somewhat hidden talent here on the battleroll!

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