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Saw it this afternoon, and was pleasantly surprised. Of course, it would be hard to find a bigger Depp/Burton fan than myself. I expected it to be gooood, but I actually came out of the theater thinking it was way beyond what I expected. The main actress, Mia Wasikowska, who plays Alice was phenomenal. I really expected Depp to be the star of the movie, and he was great, but Mia really played an exceptional Alice.

Anyone else seen it, thoughts?
I've been waiting for this one to come to the cinemas in Germany and it is finally here since the fourth of March.

I watched the preview and thought Wow!, but previews are like that, aren't they?

I'm a big Burton/Depp fan myself and will definitely watch it after the first rush has calmed down.
It is recommended to smoke some good pot before viewing. The stoners I met at the market place where I work said,"It was soooo awesome dude, you'll dig it." I will see it as sober as I am for now. $116 million is a good weekend.
When I heared about it, I was very expecting.
Then I saw the trailer and - yes, from the visual part, it's done pretty good, BUT Alice is not to be an adult woman, as she obviously is in that movie!

Think of me what you want, but 'Alice in Wonderland' (the book) does LIVE from the fact, that Alice is neither a child nor an adult.
What she experiences, all this 'getting bigger', 'getting smaller', having to cope with an entierly strange and new environment - all this is an obvious symbol of the beginning of puberty.

It may be a great movie. But it just cannot be 'Alice in Wonderland', when he makes Alice a grown-up woman.
I hear ya Roni. Burton has said since the beginning that it would be an adult 19yr old, Alice re-visiting Wonderland. I think, if you see the movie you'll understand he wasn't trying to just mimic the original story. I also read somewhere, Tim originally wanted to call it "Almost Alice" but Disney wouldn't go for it. They did however call the soundtrack Almost Alice.
I liked it. Agree with you Gerard, it will be a much different experience when your senses are altered. I was not on mind altering substances when I saw it. But next time absolutely.

Also Roni this is not suppose to be the original story, and I understand that giving it the original title suggests that might be the case. It is the story of Alice, a grown up Alice, revisiting the rabbit hole when faced with a life altering choice. She is persuaded to revisit Wonderland once again.
Visually it was very much a Burton Movie. Helen Bonham Carter is great as the Red Queen.
I never did see Hook. Yes on the Halloween, I'm sure Alice and Mad Hatter will be as popular as Heath Ledgers Joker was Halloween of 08. Personally, I think I'll go old school this year, using my real hair, and dressing up as Edward Scissorhands!
I am yet to see it. I somewhat rolled my eyes when I heard about it because it seemed so predictable. I am betting on a Burton/Depp Wizard of Oz remake sometime in the future as he seems to be running a bit low on ideas but I am still curious to see it, partly because I am still yet to see a proper 3D film and Burton usually is visually good enough to entertain enough throughout a cinema showing at least.

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