"All the Assholes..." OCR reprint! Grab it now! (1 Viewer)

Random excerpt from the book:

advertising interests together for common action. Soon after the holding of this e. vhibition British advertising men began to attend the annual conventions of the. sso-ciated. dvertising Clubs of the World in. Vmcrica. As the result of these-isits, it was decided to hold the convention of iq:!4 in London.

Somehow it's different than I remember it.
Did Amazon just now decide that they can reprint any book without regard to copyright? At a minimum, they are allowing many people to sell pirated copies on their servers. It is one thing to let someone sell an old pirated copy, but to allow sellers to OCR and then sell 20 copies at a time? Strange.

The thing is, it's not even assholes, and even if it was, check the quality of the OCR. It's laughably bad.
Yeah this shows up in the Barnes and Noble database as well... very weird... I noticed it the other day and wondered what was up...
Again, if you click the 'details' link you will see it is not assholes.

You're right! The excerpt is certainly not from "All The Assholes...". How weird since the title and publisher (Open Skull Press) appears to be the same as on Amazon . Oh well...
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It's hard to believe Linda Bukowski would give permission for this sort of crap reprint. I've OCR'd texts and the results are horrible. It would be less work to retype something than to fix all the errors. I wouldn't pay $5 for an OCR copy of any text unless it was otherwise impossible to get and I just had to have it. Then I would expect to be disappointed.

I think ABE needs a way to filter out from search results all such crap (including POD reprints of public domain books.)

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