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The A.M. is of course Ann Menebroker

Is this poem collected anywhere? I've checked Aaron and the database here all to no avail
(the title sounds so damned familiar... is it his ode to Jane? that I'm thinking with a similar title

I've got a lousy scan of the poem
(that Ann said she received in the late 1960s (yeah, the poem is undated :())
that I will try to upload here later
(that is if indeed it is uncollected).

Here's the first half of this 41 liner ->
"cleverly armed with arguments to the Pope/ I make my way among the non-electric people/ to seek reasons for my death and my living;/ it is a charming day for those who like the days--/ for those who wait upon the night/ as I do, then day is shit and shit is for/sewers,/ and I open the door of a tiny cafe/ and a waitress in dark blue/ walks up as if I had ordered her." (her has been underlined by Buk)

It is signed 'all my love, dear, Buk"
I don't recall seeing that one anywhere. If it has been collected, I'm sure cirerita would know where.

Either way, I'd like to see the scan, if you get the chance.
Baby John... #2, 1970. Originally titled "The waitress" in MSS.

Good luck finding that mag :D
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Here it is, courtesy of zoom man.

All the Love of Me Goes Out to Her (for A.M.).jpg

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