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So, first time out I got a lot of support from members here and managed to produce a little book. I then had a bad year (and a bit) and now I find myself in exile for six months. Therefore, with sun on my receding hair, I'm putting together a charity edition of the Stew, in aid of little critters on the island of Gozo (honestly, it's a real place, I'm not after your bank details/hand in marriage).

I won't go on about it too much, for now, but if you think you might be interested, or bored, you can find out more at From here you can also view, my probably ill advised, video submission call. The deadline for subs is 14th April and the theme is simply animals (of the furry variety).

If I owe anyone anything from the first issue let me know. Otherwise, thank you and good night.

p.s. on a final note, in all likelihood this issue will probably be produced as a postcard set/box set. Just in case anyone is against that.
"I have 3 cats and they are very well cared for. Your pet-themed BULLSHIT endeavour is just so much self-indulgent fecal matter.

You are a worthless self-published poet encouraging other worthless self-published poets to assault the world with their absurd fake crap poetry.


I appreciate that someone took the time to put together such a coherent response, after following the link from here. They seem confused mind, I had no intention of giving any money to their cats.

Anyway. I don't write poetry, but please put me down for a copy of the issue when it comes out.

And we have 2 cats and a dog. I don't care for any of them, really. They belong to my wife.

Good to see you back in the saddle.

It must be the side effect of radiation burns or the stress of the continual shaking and high surf. Used girls panties can only do so much to relieve stress.
dear Lally-

please clear adequate space in your little rag for my controversial piece on experimental animal husbandry.

I have 450 colour slides also. I painstakingly whittled that number down from 16,453, so the 450 is non negotiable.

you will have to sign a waiver. you will have to come to me to fill out the proper papers, as I don't like to leave the house and distrust the mails.

also, be prepared for lavish media attention, especially from Japan. they are way ahead of us over there culturally, FYI.

that is all.
dear Lally-

please clear adequate space in your little rag for my controversial piece on experimental animal husbandry.

I liked the one about the self-mincing cow, and the idea of raising chickens on a kebab skewer was interesting, however, I will have to draw the line at the illustration of you milking a pig with your toes. That one I'll keep purely for lonely nights.

Thanks for submitting in all seriousness though. I may just change the name of my publication to 'Shiny Hines Stew'.

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