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Well, the charity edition of Alligator Stew is nearly there. I just need to package the postcards in something fancy and it'll be ready to ship. For those interested, here are the contributors included for this issue:


Father Luke
David Barker
Stephen Hines
Sana Rafiq
Harry Calhoun
Colin McGuire
Dave Donovan
Vincent Turner
(+ a limerick by Rob Curtis to be included on back of folder)


Stephen Hines
Ceilidh Higgins
Tiffany Lynch
Mr Cuss
Me (apologies!)

It's looking like it'll retail at around £5.00/$7.00/CAN$1000.00. All profits made on this will go to an animal welfare charity ( that I have been working for- so you get stuff and do a good deed, win win!
There will be 90 sets available. Having moved to wordpress for this issue, I need to work out how to add a paypal cart before I can take any orders, so this is just a heads up.

Thanks to everyone who submitted from this forum, and here's a sneak preview (crap photo, but note my luxurious bedding)


AlligatorStew- Back from the printers by Lally v Gozo, on Flickr
This is where you can see a seedy photo of the finished product...

Now can anyone tell me how you add a paypal button to a wordpress site so I can sell this bugger?

The price is going to be a little higher than expected, but it's all for a good cause. It'll be for sale in Her Majesty's British Pounds at £6.00. The p&p will be £1.50 for Europe, £2.00 for anywhere else. Anyone desperate to get in quick can send me money via paypal to [email protected].

I'm tired after a wordpress battle and have to get that bottle of red from the dungeon.

Good night.
Thanks Dave, your copies have been shipped, as have the other eager beavers (copies that is, not beavers)

Apparently, Wordpress don't allow selling on their territory, so I had to use a work around and add a 'Donate' button with instructions. They don't allow you to use Paypal's HTML, but thanks for the suggestion Hank. Anyway, I won't bore you with all the details.

So, yeah, go to the site and buy yourself a copy, knowing that you get something and feed a dog for your money!
you can also use paypal to create a URL that puts the book into a user's paypal cart. this isn't as slick as a button, but it does the job, especially if you couch the URL the phrase "BUY IT HERE!" this is how the chance press store was set up before we moved it over to our bigcartel site.
Payment sent for USA delivery, but big annoying glitch in the paypal donate button: I tried to change my shipping address to my work address which is the paypal "confirmed address," but it kept reverting to my home address, which for reasons that comprise my hatred for paypal, is not a paypal confirmed address.

If you're cool with that, it should fit in my mailbox since it's a relatively small item.

EDITED TO ADD: well, the e-mail from paypal now states that my work address is the shipping address. This is the address that has been confirmed by paypal for the last two years or so. However, the e-mail now cites it as an unconfirmed address. What wonderful idiots we co-exist with.

Pete: looking forward to this - thanks.
PayPal cost me my last girlfriend. Of course I blame PayPal. No one blames themselves for their own actions anymore, do they? Yep, PayPal. I need to order this once I sort out what is going on here.
My wife has no objections to what I buy; my only reason for shipping to work is one of not having to show up at a USPS, UPS, or FedEx location between the hours of 11:19 AM and 2:37 PM in some non-existent time-zone, exclusive of 12:01 PM - 1:14 PM on odd Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays when the Sup is beating the help on the loading dock, so please have that delivery slip translated into Swahili so we can process your delivery with the wrong fucking package because we don't track these damn things, they're just figments of our mediocre existence.

That and someone can sign for delivery at my office and I can continue to break rocks in the midday sun oblivious to all the stupidity that isn't heaped upon me voluntarily.
I buy almost nothing, so it's seldom an issue with my wife what I buy. But I'm buying this one. It may take me a couple days to get over to Paypal, so please hold a copy for me.
Thanks to everyone who has bought one so far. It was a bank holiday here today (some saint or other) so all paid for copies will go out tomorrow.

As to the paypal thing: shit. Any issues with delivery addresses you can drop me a line, but until I can play around with Hank or Jordan's suggestions I'll have to stay as it is for now (God forgive me for this. Along with all that other shit).

I've already told hooch this, but the texture on the cover was inspired by the wall pasting on a little cafe I frequent on this little island.
Thanks David. Hopefully a few people will click the link on my website, or use the link on the reverse of the postcard, and buy your book. I think your poem shares that same humour, so who knows.
Thanks for adding the link to my Wordpress blog. I should update it. It's been a while since I posted there.
where the hell did you find that? I hope I don't have to pay the dude that set that up...
Can I just ask, has anyone received their copies yet? I've had confirmations from within Europe, but not outside. Some were shipped as long ago as Tuesday last week. I'm just a little worried that the green packaging may have given customs a boner.
I don't expect mine for quite some time. the mails are clogged in the aftermath of the postal strike.
Haven't seen mine yet. But I am using "mail-forwarding", since I am staying at my brother's house for a good part of the summer. That's usually good for an extra week or so in delivery time.
I got mine today when I found out some of my mail never got forwarded to my brother's house. Can you imagine ? The Chicago Post Office screwed up some deliveries ! Unbelievable.....

Anyway, the other thing they screwed up was bending the package. It's not too severe and there was no tearing of the pages, so I think it can be pressed out. I have some over-sized atlases and reference books to sandwich it - hoping for the best.

The packaging is terrific, with the "alligator skin" paper being identical to Issue 1. Most poets went with the theme of loss and coping with loss. To me, that works nicely with the postcard concept somehow. Brief summations of past events that you can't get back... memories you want to hang onto, etc..

David Barker is no sentimental sucker though, and took a different and amusing approach.

The illustrations match up well to their respective poems. And hoochmonkey - how did you make the usually sweet and friendly face of an elephant look so damn haunting ?! That wasn't nice. You're no longer allowed near the zoo with a sketch pad, mister.

Mr. Lally, you've no doubt made the S.P.C.A. of Gozo very proud. Thanks again.

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