Alligator Stew Issue 3: Submission Call (1 Viewer)

It's that time again.

Yes, Alligator Stew has opened her box and is awaiting delivery of your poetry. From the dust covered corners, to the unemployment queues, she calls to you to bring your world into the beautiful, hand-crafted pages she delivers.

Alligator Stew is all about progression, learning what works and pushing onwards. This time around her cover will be printed in glorious letterpress; some, if not all, of the poems will be illustrated by a select group of very talented artists; each copy will be hand-bound into quality cardstock. There will be craft, there will be graft, there will be the reward of a contributor copy for all those who wield a pen/typewriter/laptop/etch-a-sketch and succeed in pulling our heart from the stone.

If you're interested in submitting to Alligator Stew please visit and check out our submission guidelines. If you're an artist who is interested in illustrating one or two of our submissions then please also visit our website, or drop us an email at [email protected].

Thank you and Goodnight
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I'll be ordering this bad mofo for sure (fo shore for street cred points) but can you please package 'em up in boxes when shipping? The stork delivers in high-quality wicker and I want this baby sent unblemished.
Submissions wise it's all gone a bit crazy this time around. I think I had more submissions in the first week than I had for the whole of the last two issues combined. I'm receiving some very high quality poetry from some people you'll know, and some you may not. Illustration wise there's some very exciting talent lining up to add imagery to the words. Until I receive illustrations I won't divulge which artists are involved, but Henry Denander was so quick I can say he is the first artist to be confirmed!

Yes Rekrab Rm, 10th November is the deadline. I hope you can send me some words. I was re-reading your potato poem from issue 1 the other day and wondering whether that was the first published poem about potatoes (in their pure, unadulterated form)?
I doubt it's the first potato poem. Maybe one of the few uncooked potato poems? Or were my potatoes cooked? I don't remember. I'll have to look at that poem again.

I've been working on a new novel for the past year, and it's close to done, so I have few poems -- just the odd ones that slipped by. I'll send you those soon.
Most of the poems I've written in the past year or so are well over 20 lines, so I don't have much to send you right now. But hey, there are still 9 days until your deadline -- maybe I'll write some new ones under 20 lines.
BedsitBukaroo, you have email. I got off my ass and typed up some poems. Actually, I did it sitting on my ass, but you get the idea.
Hi Bedsitbukaroo, Just sent you five short [but not haiku] poems previously unpublished on-line or on paper. Good luck w/ Alligator Stew Three. Richard


I'm going big and bold for the covers for issue 3!

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